A research project designed to
speed & fun up vocabulary learning in a new language

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Our approach is designed around three fundamental principles

Only Read The Stuff You Like

Unlike most traditional learning materials based on pre-defined, standardized and let's admit it: boring texts, we think that you should read only the stuff that you love: eBooks, blogs, articles and news in the desired language. In each of these contexts and on any chosen device, you should have translations of unfamiliar terms “at the touch of a fingertip”.

Have Your Words Everywhere With You

Words that you have once translated, will be available to you always (read as “from any of your devices”) and they will go into your own, private dictionary. The information about the context where you encountered a given new word will also be synchronized among the applications and devices. There is no doubt we understand and remember so much better words in context.

Practice with Personalized Exercices

Based on the texts you read, the words you translate, and lists of word frequencies, Zeeguu will use machine learning to build a model of your current vocabulary in the target language. Applying this model and using spaced repetition, you will receive personalized exercises that will help you learn, practice and retain the new words, ranked according to their importance.

Current Team

Mircea Lungu
Production, API design

Martin Avagyan
Language Exercises

Dan Chirtoaca
Universal Multilingual Reader

Luc van der Brand
Universal Multilingual Reader

Vlad Turbureanu
Language Exercises

Niels Haan
Smartwatch Development


Ada Lungu
UX and Web Design

Anca Lungu

Simon Marti
Initial API and Chrome Extension

Linus Schwab
Android RSS Feed Reader

Jorrit Oosterhof
iOS News Reader

Karan Sethi
Knowledge Estimator

Pascal Giehl
Augmented Reality and Android

Zeeguu is kindly hosted by SCG at the University of Bern.